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Do U C what EYE C?

To the physical EYE this image may show an empty church building. But, let me tell you that, to the EYES of a Pastor, this is a room filled with people passionate about God. To a Pastor, this image means more than the EYE meets. That's what I see. You see, VISION, allows an individual to see beyond what's in the now. I choose to see with the eyes of God. I ask you, do U C what EYE C?

I'll tell you what I see. I see church growth. But what is church growth? This question can be answered in many ways by different leaders and individuals. This is what it means to me: Church congregations vary in style and culture. Each congregation is unique, therefore, the leaders must work according to these differences. I had someone insinuate to me yesterday that our congregation, a congregation of about 52, that was planted 11mos ago was not growing. Yes, I was shocked! Yes, I was insulted! But then...

I argue differently. Our Church Family is growing immensely. When you have people who didn't believe in the "church thing", or in God for that matter, surrender their lives to Christ, this is growth. When you have people who had given up on "church" serving on a weekly basis, this is growth. When you have people saying things like "I'm really enjoying Sunday mornings. It has changed my life being there", this is growth. When you are ready to have another baptism service, this is growth. When you have someone who didn't want to enter a church building, now serving once a month and asking for business cards because he wants the building to be packed with people, this is growth. Do U C what EYE C?

You see, to me, church growth is about growing people so that then they can grow other people. And that's the culture that we are creating here. Preparing people that didn't believe in God or in the church to be disciples and future leaders. These are the people that God is sending us, and I have to say that I have all the patience in the world to allow God to work in them so that they can become truthful followers of Christ. I believe in our leadership team, which is small, but with a big heart for God and ready to win and disciple one soul at a time.

I believe God is preparing our congregation for an explosion. That's what I see! I see a U-KIDS Church filled with children who love God and are ready to win their friends for Christ. I see an A.R.M.Y Youth mighty ministry who are always ready to defend their faith. I see a U-Men and Women who are ready for conquest. As we prepare to celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary, I'm in awe of what God has done and I'm trusting Him to do even greater things. So, now, do U C what EYE C?

Vertical Multiplication 2018 equals one hundred, here we come!

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