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A Jalapeno Experience

A Jalapeno Pepper

Ok, so let's just put it out there, Pastor Nancy doesn't like to cook. Yeah, that's right! I don't like to cook. Let me tell you one of my unfortunate cooking experiences.

I decided to make spicy chicken fajitas for dinner one day. I washed my hands before I began to cut the ingredients. Everything was working great. I had all of the ingredients ready and the last thing that I did was to slice the jalapeño pepper. I placed all of the ingredients in the Crock Pot and I proceeded to take a shower before I went to work.

Well, everything was great until now. It just so happened that I forgot to wash my hands after I sliced the pepper, so, as I splashed water in my face, yes, you got it, my eyes began to burn and my face felt as if it was on fire. I couldn't open my eyes and this burning sensation lasted for about 35-40mins.

As I was driving to work, I began to think of my experience. And, I wondered, that just from not washing my hands after slicing a pepper the pain that I felt was so deep. So, I began to think of Fire Victims. I began to imagine the antagonizing and chronic pain that they must have felt while the fire touched their skin.

Then my thoughts wandered to an even more desperate issue as I began to think of lost souls. I began to imagine the excruciating pain that lost souls will suffer as the fire in hell will touch their skins eternally. And this sense of urgency towards the lost has been following me since my jalapeño experience.

I have friends and family that I sense that do not have eternal salvation. I ache for their souls. All I want is not to be shy when it comes to sharing the gospel to them. But, I don't want it to stop with them for it is my heart's desire to reach as many people as I can with the gospel of Christ.

My friend, if you don't know Christ, today is a great day to meet Him. Contact us and let us pray with you. If you have a relationship with Him, may we never forget our mission, to win the lost for Christ. Let us, in Unity, reach the world, because the truth of the matter is that hell is hotter than a Jalapeño Experience.

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