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Write it Down

Every Wednesday night our Youth Director, Lisa Norris, asks us to write down a journal entry to reflect on different aspects of our lives. Honestly, I think it was a great thing to add to our Wednesday nights because we don't usually think of these things on a weekly basis. I believe that writing down these things and how God helps us throughout the day, does wonder to one's soul. So, I encourage you to write it down.

My first journal had to do with what my heart looks like. Please disregard my wording and concentrate on the meaning. Be warned that while you read this you may want to feel bad or worry for me, but it's ok because putting my feelings in writing make me feel better.

So, what does my heart look like? My heart would probably look gloomy and saddened with various sparks of light. A lot of things happen in life that we can't change but there's always something good in every day that passes. So yes, my heart may not look all too great but it's mending everyday with every good thing God has to offer. As I wrote this, my mind flashed to all the times I felt like the world was against little ole' me; or when people couldn't stand breathing the same air as me and just wanted to make my life miserable at school and, sometimes, out of school. I would always feel sad but tried to find something to change that, and I did.

God has given me worth and value. In his eyes I do have value and purpose. I'm here to assist his future plan. His future plan is to bring myself and others to his home (our final home). No matter what others say about me, I know it's not true because I was made in his love and his image, and I'm here to spread it.

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