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A Beautiful World Remains

When I look at the heavens, oh God...

Many times we get so overwhelmed by our daily affairs that we fail to pause and reflect on those things which matter most. There are so many ugly things happening in the world today (many of these things may be happening in our own backyards) but God is so loving and merciful that He sends beauty, like the one represented in this picture, to remind us that there are things to be thankful for, and there are still beautiful things in this world.

Now, I know that frustrations, problems, sicknesses, crime, and storms may seem more than we can bear at times, but imagine how differently we would view our lives if we would pay attention to those things which are good and positive, e.g. nature, family, health, your Pastor :) :), etc. I challenge you to take a glance at the beauty that surrounds you. I promise you that if you look at the world, your circumstances, and your life through a different set of lenses, it will look very different. Who knows if you will discover something new about you or about those in your life circle!

Choose to live! Choose to see the beauty in the world and the beauty in you!

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