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I asked you on Facebook, what do you see in this picture? In the physical, you probably see the same thing that I see, total chaos. I see a mess, an unfinished product. A space that needs work. To the physical eyes, this simply looks like lots of hours of work. Though this is true, I choose to see beyond my physical eyes. I choose to see and believe that this unfinished space will some day become a beautiful and awesome place. I see potential. I see a space that will accommodate many people from all cultures with unfinished dreams, unfinished goals, and unfinished lives. I see a space in which many people will come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and in which many lives will be radically changed. From this space, many missionaries, church planters, pastors, evangelists, and healthy Christians will arise. In this place people will receive healing, broken marriages will be mended, families will be restored, and love will prevail.

Just as this unfinished place will turn out to be something beautiful, your unfinished life could turn out the same when you allow God to dwell in it. God is not finished with us yet!

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